Short Sale Basics: Compiling A Short Sale Package

By Bob Massey

Every Bank requires certain documents in their Short Sale packages. What follows are the most frequently required documents that the Banks need in order to begin considering a Short Sale

1.) A hardship letter from the homeowner outlining what is causing missed payments and what the homeowner has done to try to change the situation.

The letter should begin by identifying the property, including the loan number, and a formal apology for ending up in this situation.

The hardship letter should detail in great depth the circumstances that led to the homeowner becoming behind on their payments. Did they end up with very expensive medical bills? Were they fired or laid off from their job? Maybe they retired and experienced a substantial drop in their monthly income. They might have had an adjustable rate loan that increased their monthly payment dramatically. The home might be over-leveraged. Each one of these is a legitimate example of a hardship that should be explained in a detailed letter to the Lenders Loss Mitigation Department

Also include a description of any efforts the homeowner has made to resolve the problem. Has a new job been found? Have they eliminated all discretionary spending?

2.) Two most recent pay stubs for each job held by all members of the family contributing to the household income. This includes pensions, regular draws from an annuity, commission income over the past two or three months, child support, alimony, etc..

3). If the homeowner is a business owner, they should also send a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement to the Bank.

4.) Last two months' bank statements. They tell a lot about spending habits. A homeowner also paying a lot of credit card debt might work with a debt counselor to negotiate with Lenders to forgive part of the payments, or restructure the loan with lower interest rates and lower payments.

5.) The homeowner's tax returns from the last two years. This will provide the Bank with a clear picture of the homeowners' ability to pay their debts and their overall financial stability. The lender can also see from these all assets that the homeowner might have in case they decide to foreclose and pursue a deficiency judgment on the homeowner.

6.) A realistic budget. If the budget comes out plus or minus $300 of even on the average month, it may be possible to restructure the budget so the homeowner can save the house if they prefer to do so.

7.) The bank will also want to see a listing agreement with an asking price. The listing should include the agents normal commission as well as standard closing costs. In almost every case, Lenders will pay closing costs and commissions to agents if they approve a Short Sale.

8.) A offer from a buyer. This offer, including a power or attorney that provides you with the right list the property as well as negotiate the Short Sale on behalf of the owner. Without these, you are not able to do a Short Sale deal.

9.) Your Power of Attorney. You need a document that provides you or your Short Sale negotiator with the authorization to speak to the Lender for the owner. The best method is to get this document signed first so that you can talk to the bank in the beginning and get any special requirements that the bank has for the Short Sale package before you submit it.

Once you have all of these documents you will be well on track to get a short sale done! - 32169

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Stopping San Diego Foreclosure With San Diego Short Sales

By Cade Smith

Whether we like it or not, the world is facing a sore financial crisis. This is the reality today. Everywhere, people are struggling with bankruptcy, outstanding debts, and even foreclosures. This is a threat dreaded by many. All it brings them are sleepless nights and a chaotic mind, not knowing how to deal with all the troubles that happened. They did not want this in the first place, and they need to get out of this mess fast.

These instances, especially foreclosure, are actually evident anywhere and even in the beautiful San Diego. We cannot blame these people, since San Diego is a very good place to stay. But despite its beauty, San Diego Foreclosure is still present.

People living here need to move away from the grip of San Diego Foreclosure, since it is not good to be in such a situation. That is how simple it is. In life, if you are in a messy situation, you must find a way to get out of it fast!

There are actually a lot of ways to get out of it if you are facing a San Diego Foreclosure. For example, you can issue a deed of lieu to avoid foreclosure. Or you can also have a plan like a loan modification. Others may even just file bankruptcy if they are that desperate.

Among all the ways to avoid San Diego Foreclosure, the best way is to go for San Diego short sales. Although the process of a short sale is a complicated matter, often it is hard to understand by reading it. It usually requires an expert to explain it for better understanding.

To give you a brief and simple understanding about it, a short sale is the process wherein real estate in threat of a foreclosure is given away or sold in a lower cost just to avoid a bigger damage or loss. The purpose of San Diego short sales is to benefit of both the borrower and the lender if understood correctly.

The process for San Diego short sales is a complicated transaction that even the experts themselves can only be successful at 25 percent of the time. There are experts that can close three times this 25 percent; those who are real experts who have much more experience.

Indeed, the San Diego Short sale is the answer to all San Diego real properties that are in danger of foreclosure. It is best to get a short sale expert to give you some relief from a very heavy burden. As you can see, San Diego short sales are the easiest and best ways to stop a San Diego foreclosure. - 32169

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Real Estate Investing- Great Tips to Success when Flipping Houses

By Jamel Gibbs

Flipping Houses is the best way to build fast cash in real estate investing. An estimated 90% of the world's millionaires made their money through real estate investing. But how can an ordinary individual flip houses and make a substantial amount of money in real estate investing? What are the main things you need to understand before going to invest in a house? And why is it important to educate yourself before real estate investing? In this article I will go over several ways that will assist you in your real estate investing venture.

Step 1: Find Your Buyer

In order to profit in real estate investing, it makes sense to find buyers first. You can do this by calling we buy houses signs, building a buyer's list, attending auctions, working with real estate agents and using the Multiple Listing Service as well as other simple strategies and tactics. The best strategy to use if you ask me would be to target buyers that have a history of purchasing properties for cash.

Action Step 3: Gather the Information

After you find the buyers the next thing you need to do is find out what your buyers want. You can do this by asking them what areas of town they are investing in. How much they are looking to spend on their ideal property? What type of property they are currently buying? And how fast they can settle? Getting these questions answered will give you an idea of what to approach your buyers with.

Tip number 3: Find motivated sellers

In order to make money in flipping houses you have to understand how to work with motivated sellers. A motivated seller can be anyone who is in distress financially, or physically. An example of a motivated seller is someone who is getting a divorce, going into foreclosure, paying 2 mortgages, need to rehab their property but don't have the cash, going bankrupt, and so on. Therefore, in order to get a great deal when real estate investing you have to find someone that falls within this category. You can find these sellers using various forms of marketing.

Tip number 4: Pre-screen the Seller

When your advertising is working and the motivated sellers are coming in, in order to really get a good house flip you want to get as much information from the seller as possible. You can do this by asking the seller for information on their property. You want to find out what type of condition the house is in as well as the asking price of the property, but the most important question you need to know is why the seller is determined to get rid of their property.

Action Step 5: Run Comps

Once you receive the information from the seller, the next thing you need to do is run comps to see if the deal will be a good house flip. You can do this by going to sites like,, Bank of America has a home value estimator and you can find it by going to and punching in Bank of America Home Value Estimator. You can also use sites like, or consult with a Realtor. There are many ways to run comps when you're looking to find out what a house is truly worth.

Step 6: Work the Numbers

After running your comparable sales for the house the next thing you need to do in order to invest in real estate is work the numbers. You can do this buy understanding the MAO formula. The Maximum Allowable Offer formula is as follows: You take the ARV (After repair value) and you multiply it by 65% and that leaves you with the amount that you're willing to pay for the house. Then you subtract the rehab cost, closing cost and overhead and that leaves you with the MAO or (Maximum Allowable Offer) that you can make on the house.

Step 7: Making the Offer

Once you have the Maximum Allowable Offer the next thing you do is make the offer. Your offer should be less than what your MAO is. The best thing to do in this case is to subtract and additional 10% off of the MAO and start you're bidding with the motivated seller from there. Negotiations can make or break your deal when it comes to investing in real estate so make sure that you're sincere and very clear with the seller from the very beginning.

Action Step 8: Making Cashola!

Once you get all of this done, you need to approach your investors list that fit the criteria of the particular property. Doing this will allow you to sell the property rapidly, being that you have pre-screen the buyers and you know that they can close fast! Once you have solid buyer then all you need to do is send the contracts over to the title company and wait for your check to come in the mail. The best strategy to use in real estate investing would be to sell the property for less than the market value without rehabbing it. This is called wholesaling the property.

Copyright 2010 Jamel Gibbs

All Rights Reserved - 32169

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Assessing Your Options When Choosing Condominiums For Sale In San Antonio

By Cesar Tish

If you have a challenging time looking for the best condos across the country, then condominiums for sale in San Antonio Texas is the solution. These high rise and upscale condos will surely amaze you with the rich tradition and excellent natural beauty offered just for you. Being the second largest city in the state, there more you should discover. Of course ,you have you heard about the Alamo, and Davy Crockett in San Antonio history, this is one of the many reason why loads of people try to witness the city's beauty by residing or visiting the city.There is really a good picture of the city. Brand new constructed building highlighting many urban designs is what makes make condos in San Antonio, Texas a tempting choice for several new people. Housing scarcity as of now in the city is not a problem; you can have condo from wide array of condos that you want depending on setting and your financial budget. If you think condo hunting is not your forte, you may want to hire an eligible real estate practitioner just by the area to guide with your home shopping.

San Antonio is the main visitor's hotspot lured by the nice places like , the famous river walk, Alamo, and Texas' wide array of artistic talent (both architectural and multimedia).Living in condos in San Antonio is not expensive like other cities in the state. There is no scarcity of job vacancies in San Antonio; in fact this is the home of the various company offices. In relation to that, job market here is very good that you even transfer today, the next week you'll be hired.

If you are looking for an airy room, impressive architectural design of your future home on affordable cost, there are several classy condominiums for sale in San Antonio Texas available. Take note these are far more different in other cities. Reduced cost of living of the city and fantastic paces will be a rewarding experiencing for your loved ones. By opting to live in a low expenditure city can give you the chance of saving something for your family, you can save it for your family bonding activities.

Designed to fit in the metropolitan lifestyle using the most advanced construction techniques, the condos in San Antonio TX stood to be one of the best construction edifice to discover comfort living and affordable costs. Say goodbye to trouble traffic congestion and extra expenses in commuting everyday because the condo you are buying will be walking distance from your office. Buying in one of the condos in San Antonio TX is a win-win situation considering the rich investment here plus the job market and amazing tourists' attractions. The city's development is unstoppable. However, if you are that smart and you want to have less on properties and you are looking for foreclosure opportunities, there are plenty of foreclosures on hand.

An ideal city is that's San Antonio city and the good thing is it is for everybody. If you are planning to transfer in San Antonio, then you'll not regret it. Fast progress, nice places, a place to work and a great home, there's nothing to look for. The economy here is so good that it can support all of your needs. Condos in San Antonio TX are cheap so the search is over. Contact your real estate agent now and experience the home you have always wanted. - 32169

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What Not to Do When About to Buy a Home

By Nathan Mattel

So when you're at the point of certainty, when you know that it is indeed the perfect time to buy a home, here are the things that you need to remember to NOT DO unless you want to gamble a chance of owning your dream home.

Firstly, postpone transactions involving big amounts of money. This first tip, while seemingly difficult to do, is very important. When you purchase your dream home, the financial institutions and the real estate agency from which you will buy your new home will check your financial records and will be very meticulous about your latest financial activities. Frequently making big deposits or big withdrawals prior to your purchase will make tracing your cash and assessing your net assets a long and difficult process-and it will probably delay your purchase.

Second tip: don't make other big purchases just before buying your home. If the first tip dissuades you from often moving your cash around, this tip dissuades you from buying things like a car or an expensive piece of furniture prior to purchasing your home. Give importance to one investment first-in this case, your home-and focus on it. Forget about your friend's flashy car or your brother's flashy flat screen television; otherwise you might never be able to save up enough money to buy your new home.

Thirdly, don't be too quick to change jobs. This is important mainly for two reasons: one, because your job will ensure a steady cash flow after you make the big purchase, and two, you don't want to have to adjust to two major changes at the same time. Changing jobs can be as stressful as moving, so let yourself get used to your new home first, then when you think you've finally adjusted, change jobs if you must.

Lastly, if you find yourself continuously supplying reasons to delay your home purchase, then you're probably not yet ready-and you shouldn't force yourself to be. Stop checking out the forums on Orem real estate if you feel that you do not like the neighborhoods there. Stop assessing Provo homes for sale if you plan to transfer to another state the next year. You can wait until you're ready. After all, it's your dream home, and not anyone else's. - 32169

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What to Expect at a Foreclosure Auction

By Jonathon Elliott

Are you trying to buy a new home? If you're, you will be turned off by the $164000 estate prices you see on the market. Tthis doesn't mean that now isn't the time to shop for a home, however it will mean that you will be searching in the wrong place. Instead of visiting the websites of realtors or flipping through their brochures, place your focus on foreclosure properties. Foreclosure properties are often a great deal, as they're simple to search for and affordable.

One of the most standard ways that that foreclosures are bought and sold is at an auction. This auction sometimes takes place at a county, town, or village government workplace, such as the clerk's department. As for the way you'll be able to find these foreclosure auctions, they are usually advertised in native newspapers. You'll be able to additionally search native records, as foreclosures are public notice.

One among the few downsides to purchasing a home at a foreclosure auction is the inspection, as you aren't usually granted one. Most bidders are bidding on the home as-is. As-is isn't therefore bad, however it might be if you haven't seen the property. With that said, since foreclosures are public notice, you must be able to get the address of the property in question. You will wish to drive by. Although you must not decide a book by its cowl, a drive by will provide you an idea of what to expect. When you have got doubts, it might be best to move on and target alternative auctions.

If you decide to attend a foreclosure auction, the last issue you want to do is simply show up. That is unless you are scouting to determine how an auction works. When you're serious regarding buying a foreclosed property at an auction, you would like to be prepared. This preparation involves having financing lined up. Several will require that you just either have the money on hand or show proof that you do have the monetary resources required to follow through with the sale. Contingency loans are usually prohibited. Check deposits are generally needed before you'll even place a bid.

As for the auction itself, it depends. It is not uncommon for bids to be sealed. Once everybody has placed a bid, the highest bidder will be announced. For bids that are not sealed, the auctioneer can start with a figure, usually around $1,000 or less and the bidding will continue on. If you are the winner bidder, it's important to grasp that you may not be ready to maneuver into your new home right away. Of course, it's likely that you will be unable to try and do so. Several states give current occupants a redemption amount or a grace period. This is often where they can still fight to stay their home. Once this point has passed, you'll be able to begin the eviction method if this occupants do not leave voluntarily.

As it absolutely was previously stated, you'll want to attend a foreclosure auction and simply sit on the sidelines. You must be allowed to try to to so. If you are unfamiliar with the buying and selling of property, foreclosures, or auctions, you can learn a lot. This information is very important, as many fellow bidders can be investors looking to turn a profit, not buy their 1st home. - 32169

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Want To Find Foreclosure Auctions?

By Nancy Geils

Are you looking into buying a new home or investing in real estate? If you are, you may be turned off by the real estate prices you see on the market. This doesn't mean that now isn't the time to buy a home, but it does mean that you may be looking in the wrong place. Instead of visiting the online websites of realtors or flipping through their brochures, place your focus on foreclosure properties. Foreclosure properties are often considered a great buy, as they are easy to find and affordable.

One of the most popular ways that foreclosures are bought and sold is at an auction. This auction typically takes place at a county, town, or village government offices, such as the clerk's department. As for how you can find these foreclosure auctions, they are often advertised in local newspapers. You can also search local court records, as foreclosures are public notice.

One of the few downsides to buying a home at a foreclosure auction is the inspection, as you aren't typically granted one. Most bidders are bidding on the home as-is, as-is isn't so bad, but it may be if you haven't seen the property. With that said, since foreclosures are public notice, you should be able to get the address of the property in question. You will want to do a drive by, although you should not judge a book by its cover, a drive by can give you an idea of what to expect. When you have doubts, it may be best to move on and target other auctions.

If you decide to attend a foreclosure auction, the last thing you want to do is just show up unless you are scouting to see how an auction works. When you are serious about purchasing a foreclosed property at an auction, you need to be prepared. This preparation involves having financing lined up. Many will require that you either have the money on hand or show proof that you do have the financial resources needed to follow through with the sale. Contingency loans are generally prohibited. Check deposits are sometimes required before you can even place a bid.

As for the auction itself it depends, it's not uncommon for bids to be sealed. Once everyone has placed a bid, the highest bidder will be announced. For bids that are not sealed, the auctioneer will start with a figure, often around $1,000 or less and the bidding will continue on. If you are the winner bidder, it is important to know that you may not be able to move into your new home right away. In fact, it is likely that you will be unable to do so. Many states give current occupants a redemption period or a grace period, this is where they can still fight to keep their home. After this point has passed, you can start the eviction process if the current occupants don't leave voluntarily.

As was previously stated, you may want to attend a foreclosure auction and just sit on the sidelines. You should be allowed to do so and if you are unfamiliar with the buying and selling of real estate, foreclosures, or auctions, you can learn a lot. This knowledge is important, as many bidders will be investors looking to turn a profit, not buy their first home.

For more information on real estate investing and to get your free newsletter to to: - 32169

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Short Sales Continue To Be The Best Choice For Many!

By Daniel Wolkoff

I have worked in short sales and foreclosures for over three years now. Two or three years ago I had to explain what short sales were! Now, almost everyone has heard of short sales as a method of selling real estate that has a larger mortgage on it than it is worth. I educate clients on their options and details of this type of transaction.

I work as a Realtor and Investor and help people nationwide to find different ways of dealing with difficult real estate situations. Most I talk to have less money coming in, their payments are going up, and their real estate has dropped in value.

Some solutions: Many people talk with the bank and attempt to get a mortgage modification. This is nice, but all too often ends in a reduction that is not enough to help. Banks have strict guidelines and can deny the modification because of too little income.

A second way that we may suggest is legal foreclosure defense. A lawyer looks over your mortgage documents and makes the lender come up with all the proper paperwork. This can delay the foreclosure for a long time!

After going through these steps, often it will still come to a foreclosure or short sale as a long term solution. The preferred method is usually the short sale. Credit is damaged much less and often nothing more is owed to the lender!

A lot of people are in the "standard" situation. This is usually someone who has a home which is worth less than the mortgage balance, the mortgage payments are rising, and has less income coming in. They usually want to start with a modification and try to stay in their home. This is a good first step. The final result can be a lower payment, but not low enough.

If these don't work as expected, a short sale can be used. Negotiations can occur with the lender and a short sale is approval to sell it at current market value. The owner can often find another housing arraignment at a much lower price. The amount owed to the bank after the sale can be dismissed along with the tax liabilities! This can be the best solution for owner! Foreclosure and bankruptcy can leave the home owner with debt and liabilities that they were not expecting! There are many lawyers that can help you with your questions. - 32169

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Some Advice On How To Avoid Foreclosure

By Daniel Wolkoff

Especially in today's economy, thousands of people are struggling to pay the bills. This, unfortunately, includes dealing with the threat of foreclosure on their homes. It is possible; however, to avoid foreclosure. Follow these few guidelines to avoid having your home taken away from you.

Contacting your mortgage company, as soon as there is a problem, is the very first step you should take. You will need to contact their Loss Mitigation department. The people in this department are trained to work with you to find the best options for your situation. Be prepared to show proof of your financial situation, as this will be required.

Mortgage corporations have many bailout plans for these types of situations. After all, they have to protect themselves too. The approach they take is based off the details of each specific case presented to them. One of the most appropriate approaches is forbearance. Keep in mind; this is only an option if you qualify.

Other approaches are available. Mortgage companies may give you another loan for the late amount, add the late amount onto the end of the mortgage, or even consider waiving a payment. All of which are fully dependent upon your exact situation.

You may not have even considered this, but some people leave their home as soon as they think they will lose it. This; however, will put you in a place where you can no longer be assisted. There are counseling agencies, in your area, designed for helping with these particular cases. They are more than willing to help, providing you still reside at the property. Take all the help you can get.

In many cases people have already receive a Notice of Default. This is bad, very bad. What this means is there really is not too much help for you. One of the best options, at this point, is to sell your home. After all, you do not have many options. Either you lose the house and ruin your credit, or sell it and have a chance to start over again.

Other options are available, but will affect your credit. Whatever you do, remember that you have options. The quicker you take action, the more likely you are to save your family home. As soon as you get any type of communication from your mortgage company you need to call them and find out your options. This act, alone, could help you avoid foreclosure all together. - 32169

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Foreclosures and REO's What to Look for

By Nancy Geils

Have you looked into buying foreclosed homes as a way to make some money or maybe just to get yourself a nice home at a cheap price? If you have, you may be surprised to know that it's not as easy as you may think. Foreclosed properties are often available for sale at a steeply discounted price. With that said, buyers need to be aware that buying and living in a foreclosed property isn't as easy as it sounds. That is why some buyers rather opt for properties that are referred to as REOs. These properties are real estate owned.

As previously stated, buying and moving into a foreclosed home isn't always as easy as it sounds. Some states tend to draw out the process, you need to know that just because you are the winning bidder at a foreclosure auction, doesn't mean that you can move in right away. In fact, you may still end up with no home. Why? Because many states have redemption laws. These laws gives delinquent borrowers time to get their mortgage back in good standing.

It's also important to know that many people don't want to leave their homes. While many will do so when faced with a legal eviction notice, you may be surprised how many occupants put up a fight. In fact, there are even cases where lawsuits were brought against the new buyers! If you are unable to afford the cost of legal representation, foreclosures may not be in your best interest.

Liens and back taxes also need to be examined. Depending on the state in question, buyers of foreclosure properties may be responsible for any outstanding liens or back taxes. Don't let this come as a surprise to you after the fact. If you're not careful, this can significantly increase the cost of a foreclosure, possibly making it no longer affordable. For your own personal protection, always consult with a professional before buying a foreclosed property, especially at a real estate auction.

The buying of foreclosures can be considered a risky business, there are many homeowners who opt to purchase real estate owned (REO) home or property. these properties are owned by the original lenders. During this process, the lender is commonly referred to as the investor. Often times, the lender in question will buy back the home at a real estate auction. This is often done when not enough interest in generated in the auction or when the bids are anticipated to be or are low.

Many experts state that buying a REO home is the best way to buy a property that is in trouble. Why? Because at this stage, the home is likely cleared of all occupants. Financial lenders often have the means and the power to evict all occupants, even those who are against leaving. The only individuals you should have to deal with are the investors, which would be the bank. In rare events, a bank may turn over the sale of the home to a real estate agent. However, since real estate agents take a percentage of each sale, the asking price of an REO home is likely to increase. For the best price, deal with banks directly.

How you can find real estate own properties? Visit all local banks in your area, ask if there are any real estate owned properties currently available for sale. If so, request information on those properties. The online websites of nationally owned, but locally operated banks can be examined as well. Many times, REO properties are listed for sale online. Remember, the same information can be acquired by scheduling an in person meeting with the bank's loan officer or real estate advisor.

An important warning, whenever you are interested in buying a home, whether it be through a traditional real estate agent sale, an REO, or a foreclosed property, never enter into any agreements without the proper legal knowledge. Always hire or consultant with an attorney who specializes in real estate or foreclosures.

For more free training on Real Estate Investing go to my site: - 32169

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HELOC Is One Option To Be Wary Of

By Adriana Noton

A HELOC is a home equity line of credit. This is one way some people use to borrow money for large purchases such as their children's college education or a large purchase that they would not otherwise use their credit card to purchase. Because this is a variable interest rate loan it will have some tie in with current mortgage rates.

You will have to submit a credit report and also bank statements and all that goes into the loan process. But it is really dependent on your home equity. Your loan will be for a percentage of what you have in your home equity. This is the difference of the market value of your home compared with what you owe the lender who holds the note on your home.

This is the amount you will apply for with a home equity loan. The collateral of course is your property. Keep in mind of the mortgage rates - if you fail to make the payments then the land will be foreclosed on. The first lender will get paid first and then the people who hold the note on the home equity loan.

No one takes a loan out on their home expecting that their family will lose their home. But you have to know that there are people today who are losing their home because they defaulted on their home equity loan. The loan is akin to a line of credit. You will be given the total amount of the loan depending on your equity. You do not have to take all of this money but it is available. You then pay on the amount you do take out.

The interest rate you pay will be based on the prime market value at the time. This rate may be different than the current GIC rates, but it will be a variable interest rate. So you are taking a risk that the interest rates will stay low but they might shoot up also. One advantage this type of loan has over the basic credit card is that you can write off the interest on your income tax.

This is one reason some find it to their advantage to take out this type of loan verses using their credit cards. Some might be surprised to know that there was a time when people could deduct interest paid on credit cards from their income tax liability.

You want to before you take out such a loan make sure you are stable in your job. You do not want to lose your job and then your house because you could not make the payments on your home equity line of credit. And you also want to have cash reserves if you do lose an income source.

You are not thinking the worse of course at this point. But you certainly want to make sure you are prepared for the worse case scenario. If you are then a HELOC may be your answer to your financial requirements. Shop around for the best deal. If friends or relatives have recently taken out this type of loan ask them to recommend to you what they learned through their search of the best deal they could find. - 32169

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Business Lines of Credit to Fund Real Estate

By Nancy Geils

Business lines of credit - thing of the moment

Investing in real estate has become a new lifestyle choice for thousands of people all over the world. With the increase in foreclosed homes and auction sold properties in the last year; there has been a dramatic increase in the possibilities of finding great houses for bargain prices. Investors are buying foreclosed properties, doing them up and selling them on for great profits. Flipping houses has become a new trend in real estate, and has proved to be a great way to make money. Having money readily available to refurbish the properties however is one of the biggest problems that new investors face, but business lines of credit are providing them with the ultimate solution.

Business lines of credit are a revolving credit facility provided by banks and financial institutions. Investors can apply for a line of credit with a bank which is typically given as either a cash credit or in the form of an overdraft. The agreed credit limit is then readily available for when the need arises, and the money can be used to flip a new home.

Business lines of credit are proving to be very beneficial to businesses worldwide. Unlike the traditional loans; lines of credit can be drawn upon and repaid at any time, and interest is only charged on the outstanding balance. There is no term time for business lines of credit, so the money can sit in your bank until it is needed. There is typically an annual review conducted with the financial institution, where credit amounts can be changed if desired.

Real estate investors are finding business lines of credit a very valuable asset. The increased cash flow enables refurbishment and renovation work to be done on a property without the need of having to use your own money. Cash can be drawn out of the bank and used to decorate and do up a property, and can be repaid upon the sale of the house. Business lines of credit provide investors with a new flexibility which is proving to be highly valuable.

Having money readily available to buy and do up a property is one of the biggest problems that a new real estate investor can face, and business lines of credit are solving that problem. After having purchased a home in need of revamping; money is at hand to fix up the house to a great standard. The property can then be put back onto the real estate market and be sold for a large profit to a new buyer. The money made on the sale of the house can be partly used to repay the financial institution or bank, and the rest is pure profit. Once a new investor has flipped their first house, it becomes easier to do a second, and eventually to manage a larger property portfolio. Business lines of credit are allowing new investors to find the means to buy and do up homes and to realise their dreams as real estate investors.

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Making Money With Real-Estate Investing By Buying Foreclosures

By Marcel Bongers

There are many different things that you can put your money into when you want to make more money. Investing is very common, and can be a great way to save for retirement or to pay for a college tuition. Whatever it is that you want to do, you can have your money making more money for you. This is always something that is a little risky, but there is plenty of money out there to be made. Some like to put their money into real estate investing, and if they know what they are doing, they can make a lot of money doing so.

Sometimes, real estate investing pays off right away. Usually though, some invest for the long run. Some like to do both. I have a friend that started out in real estate investing with one home. He bought it cheap at auction, fixed it up and sold it at almost three times what he paid for it. He did this in a little over a year. That is a great return on an investment if you can find deals like that. He then used that money to buy two more distressed properties, and he then doubled his money when he then sold those improved homes.

If you decide to get into real estate for the long haul, you can buy properties to rent out to others. The risk involved is greater, but that is also applicable for the rewards. You have to spend time on tenant relationships and maintenance. Arrange all kinds of insurance as a landlord. After you have bought enough houses can make a nice monthly income form your properties. It is only a matter of time before you are able to retire completely.

It is up to you to make a decision with how much you want to get started. Either you use only your own money or go for a loan at your bank. The bank will look how much risk you are willing to take and what you expect from her. It all depends what you are planning to do. Just flip it within a short period or rent it out. The first option will require more money of yourself then the second option. But whatever happens with the economy, people will always need a roof above their heads.

But why choose for foreclosures? One of the big advantages of foreclosures is that they are more profitable. You can buy them at pennies for a dollar. Sometimes even at half price. Last year there were more then one million foreclosures in the US. Some of the properties you can buy through the internet, by which you can save a lot time on travel and therefore do your work at home.

The process of foreclosure consists of thee phases. It is important to know them so you can act in time. These phases are:

1. Pre-foreclosure
2. Auction
3. REO

If the house owner misses more then three monthly payments, most banks start to take steps. But some of them can wait up till six months. That is determined by the policy of the bank and the payment history of their client. The bank will go to the county office to register the notice of default. This document is then official announcement that the borrower is late with his payments. With this act the reinstatement period starts and ends in many cases one week before the sale of the property. Of course when the borrower comes up the money in that period, the sale will be cancelled. But otherwise a foreclosure date is also set. This date has must also be entered in the records of the county office and will appear in the local newspapers.

The auction usually takes place at (the steps of) the county courthouse where the real estate property is located. But some counties already offer an auction online. The opening bid usually equals the loan balance, interest accrued, and any additional fees and attorney fees associated with the Trustee Sale. If there are no bids higher than the opening bid, the property will be purchased by the attorney conducting the sale, for the lender. When nobody is willing to buy at that price, then the property will be purchased by the attorney that is conducting the sale.

When this is the case, the house is now called a REO or Real Estate Owned. When the buyers at the auction perceive the value lower then amount owed to the bank, they will not buy. But I am talking here about perceived value. So if you know the right man or company for the property and the others at the auction don't, then it is definitely worth to make a bid.

All liens except property taxes are removed by the foreclosure. The order of the liens is determined by the date of recording. So this saves you the work of researching if there are any others who have filed a lien on the property. By buying at the foreclosure you get a house with a clean title. - 32169

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Luxury Condominiums Do Sell but Patience Is Needed

By Jason Myers

The world of real estate is a diverse one and there is no pointing to one niche of purchasers as there is a lot to be offered. Most of the time when we are discussing about real estate, it's the old houses, the one that cost some thousands of dollars that are in consideration. But the global fallback has not affected everything, and there is yet the chosen few that survive to slide through life on the richer side. These are the people that will to spend up to millions when it comes to possessing the house that they prefer.

Because these buyers with deep pockets are difficult to find, not many investors will to get into the business of selling luxury condominiums as it is one met with drastic challenges. However if there is something that real estate needs, then it is persistent, and there is no greater area where that applies than with luxury homes.

Other than having the power to hold yourself back until a millionaire rides along with the interest of purchasing your real estate property on the market, you additionally must have a good realtor. The purchasers never appear each day, so you should have a seller that will be capable to close the transaction with the first rich buyer that arrives.

To further improve your odds of victory, you do need to do a number of rigorous marketing strategies also. The pictures should speak out more than any marketing words, as an illustration will always grab your attention more than some words combined.

These adverts must be posted on publications and any other available print media, and online. The internet specifically as it is where majority of the people go to, to get just about everything they want and require. Just bear in mind that as much time as your lavish house may take to sell, the financial profit you get after all is said and done will be worth every minute. - 32169

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Best Ways to Buy Real Estate Investments Today

By Nancy Geils

SUBJECT TO: Subject-to investing means that you are buying a home "subject to" the existing financing. You get the deed to the home but the original owner keeps the mortgage in their name. You take over payments of the mortgage and ultimately sell the deed to someone else.

WHOLESALING: This is where you buy a home inexpensively and then sell it to another real estate investor. You might not make as much as if you fixed up the home and sold it to a consumer but you can flip houses quickly this way.

REHABBING: This is the well-known (and well-televised) strategy of buying an inexpensive home and fixing it up to resell it to someone else. There is some time and money involved in the restoration process but you can dramatically increase the value of your investment.

LANDLORDING: A well-known strategy to buy property and then rent it out to someone else. Although there are headaches with this strategy, you get an ongoing stream of monthly income as well as the appreciated value of the property over the years.

There are other types of real estate investing but these are among the most popular and lucrative and investors are making thousands on these methods right now.

There are many more strategies for investing in real estate, especially in today's unstable market. You can go to my website where I hold training with the Experts of Real Estate every week and sign up for FREE! Just go to and enter you name and primary email address and you will see all the speakers I have lined up to teach all the newest strategies. You will reall get a lot out of these trainings and pick up some great tips you can use right away.

Nancy Geils

Want to find out more about how to invest in real estate like the experts do and claim your free 5 week mini-course on tips and strategies. Go Now to and sign up for FREE Trainings on RE Investing making money with real estate for your education. - 32169

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Researching Real Estate Foreclosure Deals In Los Angeles

By David McCammon

If you're in New York or London and you're hearing of the good deals in the Los Angeles Real estate foreclosure market, then you will most likely want to get in on it. But, you really don't want to buy without seeing what you're getting because that is asking for trouble, especially in the foreclosure market.

Gladly, there are lots of services now designed for the armchair foreclosure investor whether you are looking for real estate in Houston or Los Angeles real estate foreclosure homes.

Get An Agent On Your Team

There are agents specializing in foreclosures in their geographic area. Your best bet to locate some early pre foreclosures or great Los Angeles real estate foreclosure opportunities is to have an agent on your team who lives around the area and has their radar tuned in to the local market.

Real estate agents still make commissions on foreclosures and some are very experienced in working out short sales between an owner threatened with foreclosure, an investor, and the lender.

Go Online From The Privacy Of Your Own Home

You can garner a whole lot of information online about the neighborhood and comparable sales value of homes too. Government Auctions is one way to see how the neighborhood homes are selling and comparable values, even for foreclosures.

You should visit other online sites that specialize in real estate trends nationwide, not just Los Angeles real estate foreclosure opportunities. This gives you an idea of how the Los Angeles real estate foreclosure homes stack up against the rest of the states that have multiple foreclosures on their books.

If Possible Take A Working Vacation

If you can, you should take a working vacation to see properties that have been researched or targeted by your real estate agent before you bid on them. You will only have a small amount of time to get an impression on the neighborhood, the home, and any other geographical factors you might not have be aware of in the Los Angeles foreclosure market.

Once you are there, you will be able to get a gut instinct as to whether this is truly a good deal or something that you need to research more or pass on all together.

Real estate investing can take quite a bit of work done ahead of time to defend against potential large losses in the future. By taking a little extra time and money to check out an opportunity thoroughly you can end up find a gem of a deal in Los Angeles real estate foreclosures. - 32169

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How San Antonio Downtown Condos Makes Great Investment?

By Cesar Tish

San Antonio is one of the vibrant places to stay in the state of Texas and most people prefer the downtown region for residential purpose. Although there are various options like houses, flats and bungalows available in the area, people like to stay at the San Antonio downtown condos which are reasonably priced and also feature all modern amenities that one might need for convenient staying. Owning the condominiums is mostly lifestyle choices made by families. If you are looking forward to relocate to the San Antonio downtown or simply wish to shift from the rented home, there are several good options available to choose from.

It's up to you whether you will add some extra facilities in your San Antonio downtown condo unit or not. But you have to think that it will be additional payment for you. With extra features in your unit you will be able to enjoy your living with the extra space, parking spaces and balconies ,and also the pool .But if you really want to cut that expenses and save in getting your self with downtown condos in San Antonio TX, then try to see the listings on foreclosure properties. If you don't want to pay more cash to pay for the extras on the condos then, it is recommended for you to just pay-per-use gyms and other facilities. You don't have to worry leaving your apartment because the security personnel are on guard 24/7.Security is observed.

The condos in San Antonio offer ownership of a particular unit to an individual. The building can be a sky-scrapper or a comparatively smaller town home; you remain the owner of your single unit. Hence the downtown condos in San Antonio TX can be considered as shared ownership of the houses. This way the owner of a condominium is also a joint owner of the community grounds, parks and parking area. As it is tough to handle the joint properties single-handedly, in most cases the property management institutions are given the responsibility of maintenance. The owners pay off their share of expenses and the entire task is performed flawlessly. The salaries of the guards and care-takers are also paid from this amount.

In most of the condo properties in San Antonio, there are associations that take care of the convenience and basic facilities of the individual owners. Members of this association are also the condo owners who organize meeting on monthly or weekly basis. In these meetings all expenses, maintenance costs etc. are decided. The members have access to the account which is maintained by the accountant of the association. Looking at the multiple features of condominium properties, most of the residents of San Antonio prefer these properties over others.

Choosing the condo that is right for you is not that hard. You can go hit that mouse and keyboard, search the condos for rent or available for sale that you like on the internet. Real estate sites showcase a good number of their property listings. Contacting a real estate agent can be a necessary alternative for this reason that they are expert on these things and they can recommend the right condos you are searching for.

If you are a business minded person, and you want to save your funds in having a San Antonio condo, then you might want to see the foreclosure properties. The property is said to be foreclosed when the owners loaned their homes in the lending institution (like a bank) and lose the finances to repay the bank. It is now considered as a foreclosed property. It is not surprising because of the turbulent time in the country's economic depression. You can take the advantage of getting these properties in cheap price by visiting the bank. You can also get the listing on the local court house and try to see their foreclosing listings. It will be a rewarding investment for you. You can sell it when the market recovers in a regular price.

Imagine a San Antonio Downtown Condos in the heart of the city where you don't have top commute and it is near the grocery stores ,mall and to necessary institutions. This the urban living fully packed with important facilities that you want and need plus the rich historical site and traditions. With the good view and nature's splendor these will be a brand new experience for you. So, this is the time you should not be wasting, San Antonio downtown condos will be a good spot to spend your time all the year round. - 32169

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Bid Foreclosure Goodbye

By Stanford Ames

Financial crisis has been troubling a lot of individuals and families these days. It has been going on for many years now and still, the pangs of its effects are attached to some. This is especially affecting the Las Vegas area. To date, there are already more than two hundred thousand Las Vegas foreclosures due to this financial crisis.

This large number of Las Vegas foreclosures varies from notices, auction sales and bank repossessions. This is still growing because most families are currently paying more than what their house is worth. It has been a serious problem for many of these homeowners because of financial difficulties that are caused by the current economic slump of the country as well as throughout the globe.

Fortunately a better alternative has been made available to stop foreclosure. Short sales have been helping a lot of individuals find a way around foreclosure and have a new and better start.

If you're one of those people who are facing foreclosure you might ask, what is a short sale and how does it stop foreclosure? Will it work for me? What benefits will I get from it and how does it work?

Short sale is a method wherein both the debtor and the lender agree on things, with a better option for a win-win situation. This they do by selling the property's mortgage price at a lower cost than what the debtor owes. When a sale happens, the payments will go to the lender as payment of the debtor but with discount. This will help the debtor stop foreclosure.

As you can see, a short sale proves to be very advantageous to the debtor because his debt is eliminated without a record for Las Vegas foreclosures, which has a negative impact to credit score. The debtor is then relieved of more stress from dealing with foreclosure procedures and will have a better start because he or she retains a clean credit score.

While the benefits of a short sale seen obvious for the debtor, you might be wondering why would a lender agree to stop foreclosure and opt for a short sale and discounted payment of debt? The answer is simple: there are also a lot of high costs associated with foreclosure such as renovation, cleaning, legal papers, taxes, and the hassle of finding a qualified buyer for the mortgaged property.

This is why creditors themselves would want stop foreclosure as much as the debtor does. In a short sale, the debtor wins because his debt is eliminated and the creditor also gains more profit because he is spared with the high costs associated with a foreclosure. - 32169

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Giving Yourself A Treat With San Antonio TX Lofts For Sale

By Emmitt Bacote

Many world famous historical sites are located in San Antonio. It has seen many important events that will continue to be talked about throughout our lifetime. Come and experience it first hand by becoming part of the flourishing community in downtown San Antonio Texas. Classy San Antonio Lofts are available and for sale with prices accustomed to the current state of the real estate market today. The amount really favors the potential buyers if they get a loft in San Antonio. You can own one for less due to the occurrence of foreclosures around the nation.

The fact you should know about, Texas is the largest state in the whole United States. Because of this fact, there is a good blend of costumes and good people gathering in this region which is highly regarded. If you have a San Antonio Texas loft, you will feel good about yourself and you will boost self esteem because you are one of those who are lucky enough to have a wonderful residence. Magnificent amenities are available for your own usage and comfort. You can never imagine lofts having these pleasant and more convenient. They do not just offer the expediency that you want but also freedom and the luxury feeling that you have been looking for. Purchasing one of these lofts will never disappoint you. Try to visit San Antonio, Texas and assess it yourself.

Lofts offer some differences than a regular home. A loft is basically a large open area, usually it is a converted industrial building that is used to make loft apartments or loft condominiums. This large area serves many purposes and can be a lot more spacious than a house. With such an open floor plan, designing the look that is right for you will be a lot easier. You can designate certain areas of the loft for relaxation, work, or play. You can place your furnishings in eye pleasing arrangements and not feel like you are running out of room to walk. You have a lot of open space to work with and can arrange to your hearts content. San Antonio Texas lofts offer a lot for the price you pay.

Spot a Realtor and start viewing San Antonio Lofts whenever you are in the area. They will be the ones to show you the cream-of-the-crop lofts in San Antonio and help you answer all your questions about lofts. Find out the details such as the interior design, the year it was built, its history and local information. You may find out that San Antonio lofts are more cost effective than regular houses. The building that it is sitting on is solidly built promotes sound living.

If you are in the market for a home, why not look for San Antonio TX lofts for sale and see just what a San Antonio Texas loft can provide for you. You can purchase a loft in the beautiful downtown area, close to all the modern conveniences and places that you need. It is also close to public transportation which is great for city dwellers because of the cost savings in gas. Can you imagine looking down from your beautifully decorated loft at the hustle and bustle of the city beneath you? It can be awe inspiring and breathtaking moment as you relax in comfort and luxury in your new loft located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. - 32169

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How To Purchase Repossessed Real Estate

By Adriana Noton

Investors looking to make money during the real estate meltdown have turned their focus on the foreclosure market. This market has somewhat boomed since the recession. If you are a new investor or simply looking for a new home through foreclosures there are a few things you should consider before purchasing a repossessed property.

Banks put repossessed homes back on the market quickly so they do not have to take care of their expenses such as property taxes, insurance and other costs. When a foreclosed home hits the market it is usually at a low price because the bank wants to get it off of their hands. Unfortunately, potential buyers bid against each other until the repossessed real estate is no longer a bargain. This is why you have to think and budget ahead. Prepare an amount you are ready to spend and do not spend more.

If you can get in touch with an asset manager at a bank and utilize them as a point person for upcoming properties, this will help you lock in on good potential buys. If you have a head start on what is going to showcase on the market you can do your homework before hand and bid on the property accordingly.

If you have your eye on a real estate property from a particular bank you should get a pre-approved mortgage from that same bank. If you are bidding in the same price range as other competitors who have mortgages from different banks, and you are bidding with a mortgage from the seller bank your bid will be given favorable consideration.

When you buy a foreclosed home you are getting as is property. This means that whatever condition the bank received the property in, it will hand it over to you as it was received. People who have lost their homes were in no financial state to keep up with maintenance and some of the times before forced out of their homes people would trash the premises. You get the home exactly as it was left by the previous owners.

If the bank accepts your bid they will want to move quickly to seal the deal. Since there may be a lot of language in the contract that is complex and seem foreign it would be a good idea to get a real estate lawyer. You can think of the lawyer fees as an investment to safeguard your interests.

Before placing a bid on a house watch what your competitors are bidding in the first few days. This will give you an idea of how you should bid. You can also ask the agent in charge what kind of bids they are receiving so as to bid a little higher and get the advantage.

You should visit a property you expect to bid on with a professional contractor in order to sniff out any damages to the property and what it will cost to fix them. This allows you to make an accurate bid with all things considered. - 32169

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Required knowledge In Buying A Condo In San Antonio Texas

By Jeramy Cromeens

Buying a condo is a great way to live if you like the lifestyle. Buying a condo in San Antonio Texas can be daunting if you don't have the insider's guide to that. Here are some tips on how to buy a condominium in San Antonio Texas. If you are aware of these rules on how to buy a condo you will be well prepared.

San Antonio has a wonderful market for buying a condominium. There are several options available in many building styles. These condominiums are priced from $89,000.00 to as high as you want to go. The higher end condo is very posh and extremely up scale. Everything from a concierge to maid service can be yours for the right price.

Purchasing a condo in San Antonio Texas is not really a hard thing to do. Many references can be obtain from various sources like the internet Living here gives other people a good sense of comfort and ambience, in fact, many of the owners here are retirees, family and young professionals .They loved the good service the city gives to its residents. People who are seeking convenience, already found it in condo in San Antonio Texas. Most of these owners are paying the monthly dues for the services like cleaning and house keeping as well as repairs.

When it comes to living in condos, it also means that you are going to live close to other people you don't know. Just try to imagine living in a box inside a wall. This implies that you will only posses what you own inside a unit and not the whole property. As this the case, it is inevitable that there would be a clash with other neighbors. Just always remember to respect and understand the fellow owners of the nearby units. If you can overcome these issues then your life with your fellow co-condo-owner will be harmonious.

When buying a condominium you can expect to have to pay a down payment, mortgage and your property tax. All of these things can be deducted at tax time of course. This is one of the many perks to owning your condo verses renting one. Also note that there are special fees for assessment when buying a condo.

Purchasing San Antonio condos should be swift and straight forward. Take note of the rules and regulations imposed on the condo buildings. It is in the hands of the board of trustees to decide whether to allow additional constructions in there buildings. So, it is better to ask permissions first to the right person before doing some amendments This is regular procedure in buying condos so better make sure to be aware of this.

The rules that you must live by are set by the Covenant of the condo building which you are buying. Be sure to know these rules and always live by them. Another issue to note is compatibility with your neighbors. Take the time to meet the neighbors prior to buying a condo. Nothing is worse than having a great condo and neighbors that are dreadful. Be sure to take care of meeting them prior to making your choice. It may even help you decide which condo to purchase in a situation where you find more than one condo for sale.

Also take time to learn how association fees are applied to future repairs. These things are generally set out in a contract that will meet the needs of all tenants involved. You really should understand that this is one of the perks of buying a condo. You have the ability to make changes that the building requires. That can really be nice.

Overall many people find that it is really nice to live in a condominium in San Antonio. You have options that a home owner may not have in a single family building. Neighbors and even other perks can come with a building. These things can really add to your life overall. Knowing this allows you to make the best choice in your future regarding your choice in buying a condo. When you know all of these things before you head out to hunt for your dream condo, you can be better prepared to get what you are looking for. That is what all of this is really about. - 32169

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