Ask Your Lender To Help You Save Your Home From Foreclosure

By Doc Schmyz

If your home is on the verge of foreclosure, you will do anything possible to save it. But the question is how to do it. One answer... ask your lender for help.

For most home owners, contacting the lender at the first sign of financial problems seems to be not so good of an idea. Most are embarrassed to discuss money issues to others or they simply don't see the need to inform their lender right away of their present financial standing. But the truth is, asking for your lender's help will save you a lot of trouble and it could help you save your home. As bad as you think you situation is,trust me, your lender has many more clients in a worse spot then you are. Your Lender is always willing to talk to you about a way to help.

People often have the perception that lenders, like banks, think only of themselves and don't care about the borrowers. This leads to the common notion that lenders show no mercy to homeowners who have defaulted on payments and will foreclose at the first opportunity. The truth is lenders like owners will do everything they can to avoid home foreclosures. So again, the best way to save your home is to work with your lender to solve the problem.

Lenders usually send a Notice of Default, also known as a NOD, if you miss payments for 3 consecutive months. DO NOT wait until you get the Notice to take action. Call your lender as soon as possible. Inform them why you have defaulted on a payment and ask for an alternative payment schedule or temporary lower rates until your finances have returned to normal.

Make sure you talk to your lender, inform them the cause of your delay, and ask for payment alternatives. Don't wait before you make a move to save your home. Act fast, understand the gravity of the situation and do something. It is your obligation to pay your mortgage but when worst comes to worst, your lender will help you keep your home. - 32169

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