Buying A Home - Choosing The Right One To match Your Lifestyle

By Sarah P. Shimanski

When buying a home, it's easy to become wrapped up in the here and now rather than think about what your life will be like within a few years. However, there are 5 key factors that will affect the quality of life in your home. Let's explore each of these factors in more detail:

1) What Kind Of Lifestyle Do You Want? - Do you like the nightlife and the convenience of being close to restaurants, bars, and clubs? Then a home within walking distance would be more convenient. If you travel a lot for
business, a townhouse or condo close to the airport would suit that lifestyle better.

2) How Many People Will Live In The Home? - If you're the only one living in the home, it may not matter. But if you
plan on adding future people like a roommate, future children, parents, or a partner, you'll need to consider buying a home with additional features such as school district, number of bedrooms, baths, and yard space.

3) Functional Layout - What daily activities will you be conducting in your home? It's important to select a home
that allows room for your hobbies, home office, parties, or gourmet cooking. It wouldn't make sense to choose a home with a small kitchen if you frequently entertain friends and family.

4) Daily Activities - Do you love remodeling vintage homes to their original condition? Do you have plans for a backyard paradise? Then you might consider buying a home in the outskirts of town with a larger yard. But if you like being close to the nightlife or hosting big parties, a
home in the busy city may be more suitable.

5) Is This A Starter Home? - If your budget is tight and you're barely able to qualify for a compact home, a good
idea would be to buy a minor fixer upper in a good area. By spending a little time doing minor cosmetic remodeling, you could make the very appealing and list it for greater
profit. With the extra profit earned from the sale, you can use it as a down payment on a larger home. or even a

By paying close attention to these 5 suggestions, you'll increase your odds of finding the right home for your
unique lifestyle. One eye opening exercise is to ask a friend or family member to help your think about the
possible directions your life may take within the next 5 years. To get the most benefit out of this exercise, it's
important to be honest with your expectations. The end results may change the type of home you decide to purchase - 32169

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